We provide services when you relocate to Portugal

We are your partners in solving problems and identifying solutions

We provide services when you relocate to Portugal

We are your partners in solving problems and identifying solutions

About us


Welcome to LC Consulting, our company is registered in Portugal, based in the Algarve, but takes assignments throughout Portugal. Portugal is a diverse country surrounded by an unspoilt coastline, stunning beaches and an idyllic countryside. This beautiful country offers a unique sense of history matched with a unique cuisine, some of the best golf resorts in the world and an amazing climate that really makes it stand out as a fantastic place to relocate to. The cost of living, in comparison to other European countries, is just a fraction and is easily accessible from/to other cities in Europe. 

My name is Luis Cardoso, I started LC Consulting in 2012 when I understood the necessity of creating a company that could help people solving issues when moving to Portugal. I was already doing this for friends, so why not expand and develop the idea and help more people. I understand the unique challenge to move to another country because I have experienced it myself. My experience in both cultures and my knowledge in Portuguese, Swedish, English and Spanish facilitates my work with clients.I was born in Lisbon - Portugal, grew up in Malmö – Sweden, and this, I believe has given me the opportunity to learn both countries' systems.

LC Consulting aim to ease the transition of moving to Portugal, as moving to countries requires a lot of paperwork and visits to officials, which can be tedious and time consuming. No matter how great or small your problem is, let us help you find the solution so you don’t have to. What we cannot solve ourselves, we delegate to our professional partners. But we can always, if required, act as an interpreter or advisor. We will ensure that you will have all the correct documentation as swiftly as possible and this will allow you to concentrate on enjoying your new life in Portugal.


If you move to Portugal, you will need to arrange various documentation with several authorities.

LC Consulting will ensure that you have all the correct documentation as swiftly as possible to allow you to concentrate on your new life in Portugal.

We see it as a challenge to turn your problems into solutions.

Our Assignments:

  • Mediator & Consulting
  • NHR applications
  • Social security issues
  • Municipality issues
  • Tax agency issues
  • Bank accounts
  • Driving License issues
  • Import and registration of vehicles
  • Translations Interpreter
  • Contract & Lease (Act as representative with power of attorney, etc.)
  • Promissory contract
  • Registration Certificate of the Citizen of EU
  • Etc

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LC Consulting can also assist you if you are interested in buying or renting a new home in Portugal.

We work together with established Business partners such as trusted Estate Agents, Solicitors, Architects, Insurance Agents, Banks, etc. Our partners have an extensive experience and knowledge in Portugal real estate industry and have been on the market for many years.

We can assist you with all the help you need in your own language (English, Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish, etc) during the process when you are planning to buy a house in Portugal.

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Translations Service

Received a formal letter and cannot understand it?
LC Consulting will assist you in your own language.

We have the capacity to translate letters, documents from English, Spanish, Swedish and other Scandinavian languages to Portuguese.

The documents can be emailed or posted to us and we will reply in any format that you require.

At the client's request we can act as translator, interpreter and advisor if required. This service may be provided as a single service, or be part of an agreement with other services. 

Call us for more information.

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LC Consulting offers consulting services that not only fit your budget, but also pay for themselves.

As an individual you may assume that professional consulting is a luxury that only a few people can afford.

Try us and you´ll be surprised not only because you will get the right price for the specific assignment but also the best overall services in Portugal.

Why not let LC Consulting clarify your questions, issues and objectives? Schedule a meeting or visit us to learn more about our prices & services.

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